Solarix Dyness 48V 100Ah 4.8KWH LiFePo4 Single Battery Module- Advanced BMS With Current Limiting Factor, Battery Module Voltage_ 48V, Rated Capacity 100Ah, Maximum Charge Current 75A, Maximum Continuous Discharging 75A, Charging Cut-Off Voltage 54v, Easy Wall or Floor Standing Mount And Shelf Rack Installation, Communication CAN / RS485, Design To Work Perfectly Hybrid Invertors Up To 8KVA, 6000 Cycles Life, Retail Box, 5 Year Limited Warranty

Product Overview

The Solarix Dyness A48100 Branded 48V 100Ah 4.8KWH LiFePo4 Single Battery Module is a Wall or Floor Mount and Shelf Rack Installation complete that is perfect for medium to large residential installation with a proven Lithium Iron Phosphate (LifePO4) chemical composition solution that offers a low internal resistance with excellent continuous high current discharge performance and great lifecycle of more than 6000 at 80% DOD. Design To Work Perfectly with Hybrid Invertors Up To 8KVA. Built-in Advanced Battery Management System (BMS) with RS485 and CAN Bus communication. This is unit is designed for single use but can also be expanded in Parallel with up to 40 battery packs if more than one LiFePO4 battery is to be used. RS485 and CAN Bus fully integrates and communicates with all leading inverter brands (Growatt, SOLAX, LUXPower, DEYE, MUST, Voltronic, Victron, SMA, etc.)
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• Dyness 48V 100Ah 4.8KWH LiFePo4 Single Battery Module
• Easy Wall or Floor Standing Mount And Shelf Rack Installation 
• Complete with Advanced Battery Management System (BMS)
• Parallel Expansion Connection Up To 40 Packs With Full Communication
• Nominal Voltage: 48V
• Nominal Rated Capacity 100Ah
• Charging Cut-off Voltage: 54.75V
• Recommended C Rate: 0.5C
• Recommended Continuous/Discharge Current:50A
• Maximum Continuous /Discharge Current:75A
• Built In Protection -Over-Charge, Over-Discharge, Over-Temperature
• 6000 Cycles Working Life
• Stock Code SOLA48100
• Description Solarix Dyness 48V 100Ah 4.8KWH LiFePo4 Single Battery Module
• Nominal Battery Capacity: 4.8kWh 100Ah.
• Nominal Battery Voltage: 48VDC.
• Recommended Charge/Discharge Current: 50A.
• Maximum Charge/Discharge Current: 75A
• Peak Power Charge/Discharge Current 100A (15s)
• Maximum Discharge Power 3.84kW
• Battery Cell Quantity in series 16 Pieces
• High Safety Cell Level Monitoring And Balancing
• Charging Cut-off Voltage: 54.75VDC
• Communication: CAN/RS485
• Configuration Parallel Expansion With Up To 40 Battery Packs Maximum
• Range of -20~50℃ wide working temperature
• Dimension 558x545x190mm.
• Weight: 50kg.
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